oils     acrylics    mixed media

In The Blue

$ 400 USD

Gold background. 8 x 20

Peaceful Lamb

$ 800 USD

20 x 20 Acrylic on upcycled stretched vinyl Gold throughout the lamb

Pink Flamingos in the Light

$ 1000 USD

A collaboration. The decorative original stretched vinyl serves as a background for the majestic Flamingos bathing them in light. 23x30

A Reflecting Transformation

$ 650 USD

20x20 upcycled vinyl canvas serves as a background to the Raven. A collaboration with the original artist who painted a flower which can be seen. Butterflies are the light of transformation.

Song of the Last War

$ 1900 USD

28x40 Framed Reused canvas Mixed Media, Some think the raven is associated with loss and ill omen. She is also considered an animal of great wisdom and intelligence. End war and cut up all the play money. FREE SHIPPING

The Most Amazing Event

$ 1150 USD

10x16 Recycled vinyl canvas. Broken Glass and acrylic. It is a waterfall from the heavens. The tourists look on in amazement. They may not survive the flood. free shipping

Lady of the Blue Blossom

$ 1250 USD

22x22 Recycled vinyl canvas. It takes a vision to re-create the world

The Naked Introvert

$ 1250 USD

24x24 Recycled vinyl canvas, collage and acrylic. Without losing the original artist's efforts the introvert creates a new world for herself naked in her surroundings.


$ 550 USD

Acrylic 9x9 Reused framed wall art. A hidden figure lingers amongst the roses. FREE SHIPPING


$ 550 USD

Acrylic on 9x9 framed reused wall art. The balance is in the roses.

Loosed by Doves

$ 1400 USD

Approximately 23x35 Acrylic and chainage on Recycled vinyl wall art. 2in thick. The original was flowers ...The doves loosen the chain that bind her.

Just For Play

$ 1650 USD

24x40 Oil Painting on a rescued canvas. Gold underpaint shines through, the light, the spirit of free will.
Chained Pony 16 x 20 Acrylic & chainage $700

Roses Oil painting in an antique beveled glass frame. 24x18  $1600 

Taking Flight  4ft x 8ft acrylic on canvas  $1400

CHAINAGE 2020 series
Manipulated inkjet prints from original photographs

Paintings are various sizes and mediums.  Some are on paper.  Others on canvas

From a Different Womb

Every Painting is a Story.  I am the Storyteller 

The secret of the arts is to always be a beginner.  Work with a fresh mind.  This is the secret of Zen practice. 

For more details on paintings, contact me.