The chainage began in 2020 during the Covid lockdown. 

The accumulation of future landfill began the rescue attempts and recreation of mankind's fickle neglect of anything precious.  It's all about the high.  Compulsive buying to feel good in a world that seems almost evil.  Much of this future landfill was lost jewelry, brokens chains, random charms and jewelry parts.  People would just give it to me, for two reasons: it was garbage, and I make pretty things out of garbage.            

The philosophy or meaning behind Chainage is symbolic for the nature of the human race to be "chained" or emotionally attached to their lifestyle systems that they have been taught. Chained to status, opinions, religious beliefs, political parties, freeways, burning fuel and on and on.  No one thinks about the future of the necklace they just had to have.  Most likely it will land in my pile.

1 stuck.mp3

Eagle in Chains

$ 250 USD

16x20 Acrylic and Chainage on canvas FREE SHIPPING

© Copyright pamelavankirk

During the Lockdown

$ 400 USD

Frida Kahlo - ' feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly' 18x24 Acrylic and chainage on canvas FREE SHIPPING

Priya and her Pal

$ 150 USD

Recycled mixed media frame with added embellishments. 16x20 FREE SHIPPING .